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About QnQ Healthcare

QnQ Pharmacy (A Unit of QnQ Healthcare Pvt Ltd) is a Novel Retail Unit for Quality Assured Generic Drugs.

Our vision is to provide Quality assured generic medicines to People at an affordable price.

As we all know, An Average family spends sixty percent of its Income and savings in healthcare expenditure for medicines and healthcare consumables. Despite best efforts from doctors and hospital managements to ensure purchase of quality medicines for patient care, we are aware of the CDSCO 2016 Report showing evidence of spurious and counterfeit medicines in the Indian drug market, even amongst branded medicines. In order to ensure the quality of medicines at the point of sale to patients, QnQ healthcare performs Drug quality testing of all batches of medicines (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient assay & quantity, disintegration, sterility, etc) in a Reputed NABL accredited third party drug testing lab. Hence, we ensure supply of Quality assured generic medicines to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

What, Why & How

We are a team of Doctors with a mission to reduce the healthcare expenditure for middle-class and lower-class people. We found out great disparities in price of medicines.

We maintain stock of ‘One Molecule-One Medicine’ at our Stores. For every medicine prescribed in Brand Name, we give our alternative Branded Medicines. These medicines are ensured by our team of Doctors that they have the same Molecular Name and Dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Further, we conduct additional quality tests for all the batches of medicines* and thereby ensuring 100% efficacy of the medicine. Plus, all our medicines are given at heavily discounted price and can save upto 70% on your monthly pharmacy bills.

In the current market most of the Pharmacies sell the medicines at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and some Pharmacies sell at MRP and give you a 10-15% discount on the overall Invoice but QnQ gives you the most affordable price for each individual medicine. For Example, Let’s say you buy a medicine for around 100rs from a Pharmacy., Our MRP will cost roughly Rs60 yet we match our best price over that and give it to our customer at around Rs30, now calculate this for your whole monthly medicines you can save up to 70% from your regular Medical expense*.

Quality Assured Medicines at affordable cost is our Objective According to Times India Report in 2019 nearly 15.6% of medicines available in Indian market are spurious, 10% are substandard, and 23% are counterfeit Medicines. In a Indian Family’s average Monthly budget we spend nearly 30-40% of our income on medical expenditure so the credibility & standard of medicines are highly questionable and if un-noticed is a huge risk factor to human life. However, QnQ Counteracts against this problem by Quality testing the Medicines on different metrics and confirm their authenticity only after that its shelfed for sales.

We Follow strict Quality Test on each Batch of the Medicines we obtain from the seller., only after through Quality Test and Approved Standards we sell the medicines to our customers.

Our Inhouse Logistics Executive will deliver the medicines safely at your doorsteps.

QnQ Healthcare

Yes, we follow a No Questions asked Buy back Policy from our customers.

QnQ Customers can save up to 70% on our medicines and additionally we provide Royalty Points for our customers which can be redeemed for Medicines, OTC items and even claim it for additional discounts on Home Delivery or Delivery Charges.

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